Our Services

Our Services

Brand Identity

No Business is too small for great branding. Here at Circle we strive to create a brand for your business that will stand out.

Your Company brand is more that just a logo. Your brand is the experience your customer has when engaging with your product or service from its logo, to the language used and its visuals. Here at Circle we immerse ourselves in your brand until we understand it inside and out to create a visual system and brand philosophy that stands out between the rest.

What to expect to receive in a branding project:

The scope of the project may vary however for the majority of brands, the following items are created during a branding project.

  1. Brand Mission & Vision
  2. Brand Personality
  3. Logo
  4. Logo usage
  5. Color system
  6. Typography (fonts styles)
  7. Stationary
  8. patterns & iconography

Social Media / Management

In today’s world of advertising, social media is one of the most effective platforms for getting your brand noticed. Here at Circle we provide expert creative services across a variety of digital platforms, most notably Facebook & Instagram. Wether you are looking to launch a new product, create website traffic or generate new leads for your business our goal is to generate brand recognition and loyalty to establish a long lasting relationship between you and your customers.

What does social media advertising include?

Depending on your requirements, the specifics may vary however, in general our services include the following:

Content Management, Copywriting, content creation (graphic design / photography),  sponsored posts

Social Media Campaigns

What matters most is the bottom line. Facebook & Instagram sponsored ad campaigns are a great way of generating traffic, leads or sales in a short period of time. 

When creating sponsored ad campaigns, we carefully study and select the target audience based on many factors. Age, location, sex, interests, purchasing behaviors, browsing device and more.