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How your business can boom with social media during Covid-19

Businesses are booming in 2021 despite the current pandemic. Companies who have adapted to the new marketing trends have seen huge returns on their sales. 

And those who still don’t use social media are either: 

⚠️ bankrupt
⚠️ or close to closing down

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We are Circle

Circle was founded in 2019 as a collaboration between Ayman Sandouka and Rami Bajjali. Since then Circle has changed the landscape of Brand Strategy and helped dozens of companies take their business to the next level.

Our mission is simple, to make companies be proud of their brands. Through consistently delivering and exceeding clients’ expectations. We strive to elevate a brand through telling its story.

What you will get out of your consultation call

Social Platforms

Know which social media platforms your business should build a presence on to spend you time and money efficiently.


receive feedback on your businesses strengths and weaknesses in order to set a plan on how to develop your business online.

Business Tips

receive valuable tips in developing , organizing and improving your business core

Next Steps

Find out what steps you should take in order to boost your business online.

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