Case Study: Filet’s branding journey

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Branding is very misunderstood especially in our market where most see it as a logo or social media template. What we love about branding is that it gets down to the core of a businesses values and benefits and tells a genuine story.


When we were first approached by the client to create a brand for their ready to cook meal service we knew right away that the most crucial ingredient in developing a successful brand identity was to understand the customer. This applies to every branding project we take on, however this project felt different. If we could understand who the audience is and what they desire, we could create a brand that tells a story

So let’s start with the key principles of branding we applied to the Filet project. 

Brand Discovery

Every branding project starts with an in depth discovery session where we deep dive into the business. We spent hours with the company’s owners looking for the story we have to tell.

We came to understand that the business was built out of a love for food, service and a frustration of the current trends the restaurant industry has taken over the past decade or so. A lot of focus has been put into the perception of what good food should look like rather than focusing on really great food. Filet wants to bring the focus back. Not only does Filet want to focus on great food but also on the power of food to bring people together.

Another crucial aspect to the brand discovery was to find out what the customer wants. Over the past recent years, people have moved away from dining out at high end restaurants and more towards spending time in their second home or a vacation home for the weekends. The Covid pandemic in 2019 helped kick-start this movement in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Through our discovery process we found that people want an easier and better way to enjoy great food. Even more important, is that great food must be accompanied by great family and friends. This is where filet steps in and fills a void in the market.

Brand Purpose

Having a purpose provides real direction and acts like a guiding star for a business. It allows one to make decisions that keep the business in alignment with the brand’s mission. For Filet, their purpose is to provide people with great food experiences allowing them the ability to enjoy quality time with friends and family – after all, time is one of the most valuable assets we all struggle to find.

Brand Archetype

All successful brands embody a specific archetype that permeates throughout all aspects of the business. Filet’s archetype is that of a Hero.The Hero archetype is all about rising to the challenge, and it instinctively seeks to protect and inspire others. Whether on the battleground, ball field, or political stage, the Hero is determined to leave a mark on the world, often at the risk of great sacrifice.

Our goal was to position Filet in a way that empowers its customers to feel like the hero of their own story. In the Palestinian culture, hospitality is ingrained in our personas. There is always the classic case of friends fighting over who gets to pay the bill or the host slapping his chest saying something in the lines of “don’t worry about anything, it’s on me!”

Filet makes each customer the hero of their event, a hero of their own story. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide people with the ability to enjoy a quality meal and quality time with their friends and loved ones and become the hero of the day.

In one single sentence, the Filet mission places the customer at the forefront of the story. Filet is able to bring joy to people, save them time to be able to focus on what matters most and finally places the customer at the center stage as the hero of the event.

As you may have noticed till now, the branding project has not yet touched on the visual aspect of the brand. As part of our brand development process, we do not start designing until everything you just read has been thoroughly laid out and defined. But now for the fun part, the visual identity

Visual Identity

Now that we have defined the brand’s mission, purpose and customer…, we get to turn it all into a visual format from logo design, color, typography, photography, packaging and more. 

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