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How a telephone system can increase sales for any restaurant

Whether you run a small cafe or a large fast food chain, a professional phone system can save you time and money and even boost your sales!

Studies Show that 34% of people that hang up do not call back. You might say to yourself , “ I have a phone and take orders so what’s the problem?” The problem comes from the fact that the majority of customers who call your establishment and cannot get through due to a busy line or are faced with a boring or unprofessional line waiting will drop the call and not call back. That is a huge potential loss for your business.

Nowadays more than ever, restaurants rely on home deliveries where the only touch point between you and your customer is the phone call. You need to show who you are as a brand, provide customer support and sales all in one. 

Here is what a professional telephone system can do for your business:

No more unanswered calls

When a client hears a busy signal, it is like you are saying to them, we don’t have time for you. Imagine this scenario when a person walks into your restaurant and it is full. Do you not speak with them or do you tell them there is a waiting list and maybe offer them a drink while they wait. The same concept applies to your calls.

Professional phone systems can provide many solutions when interacting with a customer on hold. The customer may hear about your special offers, be redirected to customer support, complaints or another branch or even request a callback. During the call, an estimated wait time or number of people in line can also be mentioned. 

Have a professional image.

A direct line to a mobile phone may not give your business a very professional look. The way your customers perceive your brand is crucial to their potential as a customer.

A professional phone system will give your business many benefits. It provides a better experience for your customers, reduces spam, saves you money and guarantees a lower number of dropped calls and orders. 

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